Health and Fitness With Body Building Success

The 21st century has led to many developments and innovations that allow us incredible power of choice and customization. I think a lot of us would agree that due to this type of racing lifestyle one can easily forgo tried and true methods in favor of dubious or even ineffective methods because of popular trends and, even just plain unavailability resultant of popular demand (only popular products are well stocked allowing to be priced well). One of the popular and essential areas of our life is Health and Fitness. Now look, I’m not a biassed pitcher for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Fan club, but there’s a good reason why Arnold was successful as a back-to-back Mr.Universe winner.This is a little trade secret too, passed down from my Father who was an astute body builder. I’d like to share these facts as I feel they have made a very significant difference to my diet, health and training abilities:1. Listen to your body Really, if you don’t understand what it is telling you it is because you probably don’t know enough about the body and foods. Get more informed about the basics, no magazines proper bona fide reading.2. Understand that the body requires a certain amount of substances to operate at NORMAL, not PEAK. When not provided to the body it will manufacture it out of other things or the body itself to get it. This takes energy and ties up body processes to do this. PROTEIN is important for re-building the body, also called regeneration. Understand which foods have decent amounts of protein. Eat enough of them. VITAMINS and MINERALS are extremely hard to get unless you really like eating a lot of vegetables, but the best source is legumes. Look out for recipes that have cooked legumes, there are a lot of different types and the variations of cooking will satisfy even the queen.3. The body is a system, not a linear machine.4. FORM of exercise is of importance greater than what exercise is being done. ALWAYS have the correct form, this is why personal trainers get so much business, because they exercise correctly.There’s a few more, and I know they don’t seem like anything new, but they are the basics from exercise to diet and health.Be well.

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